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Варивода І.М., Черкес С.О. Моршин: путівник


ПУТІВНИК по всеукраїнській оздоровниці, що славиться цілющими джерелами, знайомить читача з історією курорту, його природніми лікувальними факторами, визначними місцями краю.

В книзі, значно оновленій із врахуванням сучасності, розповідається про великі рекреаційні можливості Моршина і навколишнього Прикарпатського регіону.

Читач також знайде поради про показання і протипоказання для лікування на курорті, позакурортне вживання моршинських мінеральних вод.

ПУТЕВОДИТЕЛЬ по всеукраинской здравнице Моршин, славящейся своими целебными источниками, знакомит читателя с историей курорта, его достопримечательностями, природными лечебными факторами.

В книге, значительно обновленной с учетом современности, рассказывается о больших рекреационных возможностях Моршина и окрестного Прикарпатского региона.

Читатель также найдет советы о показаниях и противопоказаниях лечения на курорте и внекурортном применении моршинских минеральных вод.


MORSHIN, a small town-type settlement in Pre-Carpathia, is known as one of the best balneo-therapeutik resorts in this country.

It is located in a picturesque valley surrounded by hills covered with forests. Dark-green masts of pines and fir-trees intermit with graceful white-barked birches, musing alder-trees, mighty oaks and silver-trunked beeches.

Nature has been very generous to these places, it lavishly endowed them with unique spas, waters impregnated with mineral salts. Local peasants knew of their existence because as early as the 16-th-17-th centuries they were engaged in salt production.

The settlement named Morshin was first recorded in archival documents for 1482. Commercial interest to the mineral springs was aroused in the late 1870s when B. Stiller, the owner of Morshin, a man of commerce, decided to establich here a clinical health resort. The first spa season began in May 1878 and the investigation of the chemical and medicinal qualities of Morshin's waters was initiated by chemists and men of medicine who recommended them for baths and internal use.

The 1920s and 1930s saw a considerable boom in the spa development: various business men started profiteering by selling plots of land for building summer houses and villas for the rich, by exporting salts and mineral water. It was then that water and mud-baths, the inhalatorium, the Spa House ("Marble Palace" sanatorium at present) were built to render service to well-to-do spa visitors.

It look Morshin's natural resources a long time has Morshin become an all-Union resort. At presents there are seven sanatoriums and four boarding-houses in Morshin which specialize in treating people suffering from digestion troubles.

To intensively develop the resort it was urgent to thoroughly analyse the mineral waters and mud as well as to look for their new deposits. The hydro-mineral basis of the resort was studied by researchers of a specially organized laboratory which was busy analysing the chemical compound, physical properties and conditions of the mineral springs origination, defined the regime of their exploitation as well as worked out scientifically grounded recommendations for preparing different solutions of curing water from spa No.l salt-water. Using modern methods of research, the results of clinical and experimental observations, the scientists and physicians perfected their methods of spa treatment in Morshin.

The resort extends and becomes more and more comfortable. In the 1970s - 1980s "Ozerny", a boarding-house, "Prolisok", a sanatorium

complex for parents with children, a balneologic mud-ozocerite cure hospital, a mineral water pump-room, some dormitory buildings of the sanatoria, a dietetic dining-hall have been built and opened. The settlement was adorned by a new Palace of Culture, a cinema, the building of the railway-station, multistory dwelling houses.

The mineral springs (salt-waters) are the main curing factor of the spa. There are some of them.

Spring No.l has long been known, it is situated on the right bank of the Bereznitsa rivulet, in a wood covered locality. It is a 50-metre deep pit. Its water is heavily mineralized. The general mineralization increases from 16 g/1 at the surface layer to 400 g/1 at the bottom layer.

Spring No.4, a self- springing one, is situated in the forest-park zone of the resort. Its water is, as to mineralization, like that of the rain, as to the chemical compound it is a hydrocardon-calcinate one, it also contains potassium, sodium, magnesium, iron and sulphates in small quantity.

Borning-well No.6 sifuated near the village of Lisovichy, started being exploited in 1968. It gives a sulphate-chloride-sodiate-magnesiate-potassic water. General mineralization is 238 g/1.

Such natural curing faktors as peat-mud and ozokerute are also utilized at the resort.

The peat-mud is extracted in the vicinity of Morshin and the-neighbouring village of Obolonia (Dolina District, Ivano-Frankovsk Region). As to its physical and chemical properties the local mud is a heavily mineralized curing stuff of high quality, containing organic acids such as butyric, acetic and formic ones, that produces a good curing effect.

Ozocerite has become, since May 1973, the basic thermal procedure in the treating practice of the spa. Only medicinal ozocerite is used for treatment. It is extracted fromoil-oil-processing by-products and vein wax mined in ozocerite pits.

The complex sanatorium-spa treatment includes the sanatorium regime, diet and physical exercises. If necessary, the treatment is supplemented with physical therapy, medical preparation and vitamins.

Yearly more than 70 thousand people come to Morshin for treatment. Curing water, medicinal procedures, kindness and careful attitude of the personnel to spa patients returns to many of them faith in recovery, beneficially influences their health and makes them fit for work.